Washington County employers, we understand the challenges you are facing as you deal with the retirement of your Baby Boom Generation employees and support continuing business growth. Unemployment rates are some of the lowest we’ve seen in years and it feels like we’re all competing for the same resources.

The Workforce Alliance was formed to help students at all grade levels understand the many and varied career opportunities that exist here in Washington County. We want to help students and parents understand all of the job and educational resources available, see how the two are related and then make the very important decisions related to what comes next after high school graduation. We’ve been able to bring employers, both large and small, together with school districts (Hartford, Kewaskum, Slinger and West Bend), colleges and universities (MPTC and UW-WC) to provide students and their parents with resources to sort through all of the options and make the best decisions for their futures. Our goal is to keep a high percentage of our best and brightest students here in Washington County and employed in meaningful jobs at family sustaining wages.

We’ve worked with employers to define critical skills needed in the workplace and collaborated with educators at all levels to insure that those skills are incorporated into the curriculum our students are taught. We’ll also be working to develop stronger Apprenticeship, Internship and Co-op programs to provide students with real world workplace experiences.


The video on this page is offered to help us all understand the important factors that must be considered when deciding whether to attend a university and seek a four year degree or to consider other options to prepare for success in the workplace.

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